Group show:
 Open to the Public

October 25 2019 - January 25 2020

Opening Reception:
Friday October 25th, 6pm - 8pm
(Floor 5, The Estée and Joseph H. Lauder Gallery)

While art seems to be the ultimate place of freedom and individuation, art museums often resemble sacred devotional spaces in which perspectives and behavior know only one direction. MoMAR ties in with the artistic movement of 'Play Art’, which in the 1960s had a democratization of art in mind. Variable art objects made art itself tangible as a product of collective activities and value creation processes. The participants of 'Open to the Public' belong to the generation of the Internet. However, they have also started to dynamize the medium of art, its exhibition forms and ways of interpretation. MoMAR provides a platform for these approaches and therefore rethinks the mechanisms of art curation. Each artist has created new work specifically for the exhibition.

About the artists

The Japanese artist unit "exonemo" (by SEMBO Kensuke and AKAIWA Yae) was formed in 1996 on the Internet. Their experimental projects are typically humorous and innovative explorations of the paradoxes of digital and analog computer networked and actual environments in our lives. Their The Road Movie won the Golden Nica for Net Vision category at Prix Ars Electronica 2006. They have been organizing the IDPW gatherings and "Internet Yami-Ichi" since 2012. They live and work in New York since 2015.

Erin Ko
Erin Ko is a mixed media artist based in New York. Ko’s experiential art plays with Mediated Reality, Collective Consciousness and Layered Experiences. She combines traditional art making methods with new media tools to address our complicated love/hate relationship with technology. Her installation work often includes video projection, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more.

Manuel Rossner
Manuel Rossner frequently uses his virtual reality works to explore the blurred boundaries between physical and virtual reality. His artworks range from installative virtual sculptures that replicate, penetrate or transform a virtual copy of the original physical architecture, or virtual extensions to an existing museum building. Rossner tests our understanding of reality, architecture and exhibition space by creating meaningful connections in virtual reality – often in a playful manner. His works have most recently been exhibited by KM- Graz, Frankfurter Kunstverein, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, INFRA Festival Tokyo and 1822-Forum Frankfurt.

Akihiko Taniguchi
Lives and works in Saitama. Using self-built devices and software, Akihiko has been creating works in a variety of formats in the realms of media art, net art, live performance, video and sculpture among others. Together with WATANABE Tomoya, he is also active as a member of the “Omoide Yokocho Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (OAMAS)” exploring the art form of media art in theory and practice. Main exhibitions include [Internet Art Future]: Reality in Post Internet Era, ICC, Tokyo, 2012; objects thinking too much, Iidabashi Bunmei, Tokyo, 2013; Open Space 2014, ICC, Tokyo, 2014, etc.

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MoMAR is located in the former Jackson Pollock room, The Estée and Joseph H. Lauder Gallery on the 5th floor. We chose the room for two significant reasons. Firstly, it is part of the permanent collection and used to remain unchanged within the walls of the museum. Secondly, it has a bench.

The gallery is open seven days a week from 10:30am – 5:30pm.

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